zaterdag 23 juli 2016

Zondag 24 juli 2016

Death Becomes Her (Fantasy, 22:15-00:15, Net 5)

The Librarians (s02e05): And the Hollow Men (Fantasy, 20:30-21:25, Veronica)

The Librarians (s02e06): And the Infernal Contract (Fantasy, 21:25-22:20, Veronica)

Scorpion (s01e01): Pilot (SF, 22:20-23:10, Veronica)

Real Steel (SF, 19:00-21:00, BBC 2)

Doctor Who (s09e01): The Magician's Apprentice (SF, 03:40-04:25, BBC First)

Doctor Who (s09e02): The Witch's Familiar (SF, 04:25-05;15, BBC First)

Scary Movie 2 (Fantasy, 20:00-21:40, Fox)

The Walking Dead (s04e14): The Grove (Horror, 00:55-01:50, Fox)

Outcast (s01e06): From the Shadows It Watches (Horror, 01:50-02:40, Fox)

Sleepy Hollow (s02e03) Root of All Evil (Horror, 02:40-03:25, Fox)

The Walking Dead (s04e14): The Grove (Horror, 04:15-04:55, Fox)