zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Zondag 31 juli 2016

The Legend of Hercules (Fantasy, 19:59-22:00, RTL 7)

Immortals (Fantasy, 22:00-00:10, RTL 7)

The Librarians (s02e07): And the Image of Image (Fantasy, 20:30-21:25, Veronica)

The Librarians (s02e08): And the Point of Salvation (Fantasy, 21:25-22:25, Veronica)

Scorpion (s01e02): Single Point of Failure (SF, 22:25-23:15, Veronica)

Doctor Who (s09e03): Under the Lake (SF,  03:50-04:35, BBC First)

Doctor Who (s09e04): Before the Flood (SF, 04:35-05:20, BBC First)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Fantasy, 14:55-16:50, ÉÉN)

The Walking Dead (s05e05): Self Help (Horror, 00:45-01:40, Fox)

Outcast (s01e07): The Damage Done (Horror, 01:40-02:30, Fox)

Sleepy Hollow (s02e10): Magnum Opus (Horror, 02:30-03:10, Fox)

The Walking Dead (s05e05): Self Help (Horror, 04:10-04:50, Fox)